Stitch Fix - My Second Fix

Back in July I posted a review of my very first Stitch Fix. I ended up keeping two items, a dress and a cross body bag, and decided that I would schedule a Fix for every other month. It’s amazing how fast two months goes by as my September Fix arrived last night. While I wasn’t as happy with this month’s Fix (my stylist from July wasn’t available this month according to the person who styled me), I did end up keeping one item. Here’s what was included this month:

Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse by 41Hawthorn

I went back and forth with this piece. I loved the color but the sleeves were really weird and I just didn’t love it. Also, if I’m gonna pay $58 for a polyester shirt, I better love it.

Caddy Geo Print Fit & Flare Dress by Hourglass Lilly

If you didn’t know, you can find out what’s being sent in your Fix by logging into your account after your Fix has been shipped and pretending to checkout. I had Googled this dress and saw it on a few other bloggers and got excited because it looked cute, but a little short. When it arrived in my Fix I thought it looked great, but after putting it on I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. First, it was way too short and the fabric was so thin that when it stretched across my chest, the blue pattern looked like it was faded. Second, if I were to have kept this dress, I would have needed a wide load sign following behind me. I’m a petite girl but my butt looked anything but petite in this dress. Yikes.

Iris Striped A-Line Skirt by 41Hawthorn

Not only was this skirt too short, I could barely zip it. I also didn’t really care for the colors and I have SO many stripes in my closet I don’t need another item of clothing with them. Back you go!

Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan by 41Hawthorn

At first I said no way to this cardigan because it’s on the thinner side so you can see through it slightly, it’s not 100% cotton (it’s a mix of a couple of fibers/fabrics) and it had a $48 price tag. After trying on the other items, I went back to this piece and decided I really liked it. I would describe it as wearing a hug. It’s super soft and comfy and a similar sweater made of similar materials I found on Target’s website was priced at $25. Since $20 is deducted from the items you keep in your Fix and this was the only thing I decided to keep, $28 seemed more reasonable and thus it is now hanging in my closet.

Ishani Knit Moto Vest by Pixley

I’m definitely loving Moto jackets for fall and was curious when I found out I’d be receiving a vest, but I did not love this at all. The fabric was super weird (think foam padding that’s in bathing suit tops and workout gear) and it made me look boxy and busty. I also wasn’t crazy about the $74 price tag.

All in all I’d say I’m moderately happy with my Fix this month. I’ve updated my style profile for my next Fix which I scheduled for my birthday. I let them know this and hope they throw in something extra special in celebration.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

Question of the Day

What is it about Tahoes/Yukons/Suburbans that some women find so appealing? Yes, they have tons of space and are more stylish than a mini van, but they get terrible gas mileage and are made by a company that has recalled millions of vehicles because they were basically made like crap. Please explain.

OMG, body suits are back ya’ll!

OMG, body suits are back ya’ll!

Happy happy birthday to my sweet Jo-Bear #omgiloveus

Happy happy birthday to my sweet Jo-Bear #omgiloveus

You know what really burns me up?

People on Facebook who make disparaging remarks about food stamps. Why do you assume that every person who is on food stamps is abusing the system? Did you ever stop and think that maybe someone you know is on food stamps? Did you ever stop and think that if you and your husband/partner/family, etc. lost their job, that you might actually NEED food stamps to make ends meet, especially if you have kids?

Yes, there are people out there who are abusing the system, I think we all know that. But there are hundreds, thousands of people who rely on food stamps to care for their family. Just because someone is on food stamps doesn’t mean they’re lazy either. Some people are on food stamps because they have a disability and can’t work and guess what? When you can’t work, you can’t afford things like food.

Okay, I’m done now.

Special visit from Mr. Turtle. Biggest “wild” turtle (other than a sea turtle) I’ve ever seen!

Special visit from Mr. Turtle. Biggest “wild” turtle (other than a sea turtle) I’ve ever seen!

It’s Thong Song Thursday, ya’ll!

It’s Thong Song Thursday, ya’ll!